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Senior Instructor, UMS Training Center
-Isshin-Ryū - 2nd Degree Black Belt    
-Muay Thai - Brown Arm Band
-UMS - Brown Belt

Sean Schlobohm has been training in the martial arts for over 15 years.  A true martial artist with a deep passion for every aspect of this great industry.  Starting his training at age 4 in Isshin-Ryū Karate, Kohai Sean showed a rare dedication to the art in training for 12straight years and earning his 2nd Degree Black Belt under Sensei Ben Esparra.  


Later in his years Kohai Sean continued his love for the martial arts and began training in Muay Thai for two and a half years earning his Brown Band under the teaching of Kru James Wellington.  With a natural talent beyond most martial artist, Kohai Sean excelled within both martial arts systems as not only a martial artist but an martial arts educator teaching all ages.


Today; Kohai Sean is working towards earning both his UMS and UMS Combat Black Belts here at UMS Training Center.  He as the Head Instructor assists only Shihan and teaches many classes including being a UMS MMA Coach.  With a truly rare talent, Kohai Sean has been able to take his years of experience and fast track through the first stages of both UMS systems.  Now under the teachings of Shihan Daniel Levi; Kohai Sean has become UMS Training Center’s Head Instructor as he aims towards becoming one of UMS’s leading instructors in the near future and assisting Shihan Levi run UMS Training Center’s future head quarters.


Along with training and teaching for the love of the martial arts Kohai Sean is in training to become a Mixed Martial Arts fighter with a goal to have his first MMA fight by the age of 20. Now at the age of 19, he begins the first phase of his fight career in training for Kickboxing and soon after Grappling.  Once Kohai Sean has more fight experience under his belt; he’ll move into the world of MMA.  


Sean “The Machine” Schlobohm; remember the name!

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