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UMS / Universal Martial System

Universal Martial System (UMS); founded in 1981 by Professor Steven N. Levi was created to bring the practitioner a unique martial arts system, considered a "Complete Martial Art".  UMS is comprised of basic and advanced self-defense techniques: punches, kicks, elbows & knees strikes along with throws, take-downs, grappling and much more. 

Many consider UMS a mixed martial arts however we don't as mixed martial arts is limited to combat-competition within the "cage".  Mixed martial arts is a sport event though it can be used as general self-defense.  Whereas UMS is a complete martial arts system.

As a complete martial arts, UMS practitioners have the ability to learn real world street self-defense ("Combat Martial Arts"), competition martial arts ("Sports Martial Arts") and combat-competition martial arts ("Mixed Martial Arts").  Thus making Universal Martial System truly a complete martial art as all our techniques are within one full style of martial arts and not taught separately.

UMS is primarily taught to our youth students in three age appropriate groups; in a structured and disciplined classes with high energy and loads of fun.  Kids love the challenge and parents love the traditional manner which builds great discipline, confidence and respect to their kids.

UMS Combat

UMS COMBAT (UMSC) is the most well rounded street effective self-defense and fighting system in the world today also known as a Combat Martial Art. This unique and original method was developed and refined during years of research. UMSC emphasizes easy-to-learn techniques that have been battle-tested in real life-threatening confrontations. There is nothing flashy about the system.


This street-oriented self-defense program is favored by federal, state and local law enforcement agencies across the United States. While experienced fighters and law enforcement officers have consistently praised its highly practical applications, the system also has a broad-based appeal because of its simple, no-nonsense approach to personal safety.


It’s self-defense for a modern world. UMSC trains you to deal with real life situations that can be learned and utilized by anyone, regardless of age, size or previous training.  The training consists of learning our three areas of combat-defense including self-defense, fight-defense and weapon-defense.

This program is geared for adults ages 16 and older.

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