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Teens Program



The UMS Training Centers "Teens Program" is for ages 12 through 15 and is awesome!  This program is designed to help Teens transition from being a kid to finding who they are as young adults.  These days with social media and technology; teenagers have it really rough.  Peer pressure, the lack of self-confidence and trying to fit in are just a few of the many challenging factors of their life and are so important in the development of who they’ll become.  So yes, at UMS they’ll learn self-defense and discipline as well as so many other character building factors that the martial arts has to offer, but our programs are designed to challenge your teen.  To help them grow and find their true strengths and know they can accomplish everything with hard work and dedication; and nothing with great value comes easy.  They’ll come to realize that there are no limitations outside of their mindset.  Our teen members will have a blast learning an amazing martial arts system and grow physically and mentally into strong, confident leaders.  There’s just nothing like our teens program!  Come and watch your teen become the great individual they’re destined to be.


Teens Program Offers

  • Confidence

  • Physical Fitness

  • Goal Setting

  • Self Protection

  • Goal Setting

High Focus On

  • Self-Discipline

  • Consistency

  • Personal Responsibility 

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