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International Chief Instructor / Owner & Founder, UMS Training Center
-UMS Combat Founder and 6th Degree   Master Instructor 

Shihan Daniel Levi has been training in the martial arts since the age of 3 under his father, Grand Master; Professor Steven Levi.  Now the International Chief Instructor of Universal Martial System; Shihan Levi has opened his own martial arts school in Toms River (Silverton), NJ.  Overseeing all operations taught in multiple schools worldwide; Toms River is now the official Head Quarters of UMS and UMS Combat.

Not only is Shihan Levi the highest rank in UMS but he is also the founder of UMS Combat, one of the nations leading Combat Martial Arts systems.  Shihan Levi holds Black Belts in multiple systems, has countless ranks and has been involved in every aspect of the martial arts industry for over 39 years.

At the same time, Shihan Levi is launching another martial arts company; GET ON-GUARD in NYC/Dallas TX/LA, CA and Denver CO.  Additionally Shihan Levi will begin hosting Real World Defense Podcast and launching two martial arts products in late 2021.

2018-2019 were great years for Shihan Levi as he was inducted into five different Martial Arts Hall of Fames and nominated for additional Hall of Fames in 2020 & 2021.  In March of 2020 UMS Training Center officially opened, however due to COVID-19, the center has been closed and has now reopened in March 2021 - one year after closing due to COVID.

Now, reopened and offering the very best in martial arts and self-defense training.

Awards, Honors & Notable Positions:

  • National Supervisor for America In Defense (AID).  Hired by Worldblackbelt and the FAA to teach self-defense to airline pilots, flight attendants & US Marshals due to the tragedies of 9/11.  Supervised 127 Certified AID Instructors throughout the United States.

  • • 2018 Masters of the Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inductee: "6th Degree Master"
    • 2018 United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inductee: "Master of the Year"
    • 2018 USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inductee: "Leading Martial Arts Master of the Year"
    • 2018 United States Martial Artist Association Hall of Fame Inductee: "Gold Life Achievement"

  • • 2019 Action Martial Arts Hall of Fame Nominee:  "Outstanding Achievements in Martial Arts"

  • Multiple 1st Place winnings in Sport Martial Arts Tournaments for Sparring and Forms

  • 1995 Educational Funding Company:  “Instructor of the Year”  

  • 1995, 1996 and 1997 Educational Funding Company: “United States School of the Year”

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